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Director-general interview

Respect to the lessee is the basis jf success!


B2B-RENT interviewed Grigori Grigoryan, the CEO of the Topkran rental company, about the business strategy of the company, its successful growth and current market trends.


What was the year 2012 for Russian rental market and for your company?

The rental market kept positive dynamics and demonstrated slightly increased rate of growth this year. Topkran managed to increase its aggregated lifting capacity by 2080 tons last year. Currently we are successfully realizing the plan of further capacity increase. Topkran abides its professional strategy – to provide vehicles of the highest quality standard.


Which steps of business development were in priority for you this year?

Topkran expanded its machinery park and increased the proportion of vehicles of the highest lifting capacity. This priority was justified by our lessees’ demands as they focused on large-scale construction projects. As a separate course of our development we signed a contract with The Liebherr Group and significantly expanded our division of tower cranes by 14 units. Within the framework of our term plan of development 33 units of tower cranes are incoming next year.


Which of your projects would you call “the project of the year”?

Topkran takes participation in a number of federal projects this year. Large industrial objects, sports facilities and structures for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are among them. Abiding our internal politics we can’t give priority to any of these projects. The principle of equivalence of the tasks is the basis of long-term relationships with our clients.


Which managing decision, project or event would you call “a turning point” in the development of your company? When did your company enter the class of key market players?

Sequential realization of democratic financial policy towards the partners of the company, respect for their interests became the basis of Topkran stable growth. Sustainable partnership with top manufacturers - The Liebherr Group, Manitowoc Company Inc (Grove Worldwided, Potain), Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik GmBH – is one of our most significant competitive advantages that let Topkran enter the class of key Russian rental companies. We also pay great attention to the expansion of the geography of our service. Thus we can avoid high price competition in the overfull Moscow market. Considering the strategic priorities and making use of our competitive advantages we moved to a new provision of services level that presupposes comprehensive mechanization of construction projects.


Are there any market indicators that force Russian rental companies to design and implement any anti-crisis measures at the moment? By what means do you secure your company from economic downturn?  

During any phase of the economic cycle top managers of the companies should constantly enhance and implement procedures of complex risk management that guarantee financial stability and incessancy of the provision of services in case of economic downturn. By virtue of this approach we managed to achieve the minimal (for Russian rental market) share of overdue debt and minimize risks for our partners.


What do you plan and what do you expect from 2013? What is your forecast of Russian rental market development?

The term plan of Topkran development focuses on further enlargement of the machinery park and active regional expansion. The forecast of Russian rental market development is optimistic. Taking participation in infrastructure projects that don’t depend on global economic situation guarantees stable growth and low level of risk for rental companies.

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