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GROVE GMK 5220 (220 t)
grove gmk 5220
Technical characteristics
overall length 220t
Boom length
13.5 - 68 m
Length of jib
38 - 38 m
Max speed
76 km/h

This five-axle, all-terrain crane offers a 220t maximum capacity coupled with a 68-m TWIN-LOCK boom. Inserts and swingaway further increase tip height to 108 m. The fully automatic ALLISON transmission, combined with MEGATRAK independent suspension system, ensures optimal performance both on and off-road.

The crane is controlled with electronic system that automatically sets all control levers back to neutral position facilitating the operator. The automatic height limiter blocks the levers upon reaching maximum height that ensures the safety of working process.

Mobile crane’s construction provides quick access to its key mechanisms and ensures easy exploitation.