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Ivanovets KC-45717K-1

Ivanovets KC-45717K-1 (20-25 t)
кс 45717к 1
Technical characteristics
overall length 25t
Boom length
9 - 21 m
Length of jib
7 - 7 m
Max speed
80 km/h

Truck crane KC-45717K-1 of 25 t lifting capacity (for work with usual loads) and of 20 t rated lifting capacity (for work with poisonous and explosive loads) is mounted on chassis KAMAZ-65115.

Crane mechanisms are hydraulically driven by a pump powered by chassis engine. Hydraulic drive provides easy and simple crane control, smooth mechanism operating, a wide range of working speeds, combination of crane operations. It is possible to operate crane with reduced outrigger base.

Telescopic 3-section boom includes 1 base section and 2 telescopic sections. Hydraulic cylinder and rope pulley assembly extend telescopic sections.  To increase under-boom space a light lattice boom extension (jib) is available on request.

Microprocessor-based safe load indicator with digital readout for rated load, boom length and boom head, load radius displays actual hook load and boom angle, as well as automatically limits the actual crane operating zone according to preset coordinates in restrained conditions or near the electric power line.

Telemetric memory installed in the limiter (“Black Box”) fixes working parameters as well as a degree of crane loading during the whole period of crane operation. Truck crane is completed by a satellite security-tracking system.

Schedule load
кс 45717к 1